Some early screenshots from the 3D work

Had a quick visit to Pisa yesterday and today to discuss aspects of the project with Roberto Rosselli Del Turco and to see the latest results and discuss future directions with Marco Callieri and Matteo Dellepiane. One nice result is some early screenshots of the nearly-completed meshes. These are static images of the full resolution scans taken using Meshlab, the CNR's open source 3D software. The meshes are almost complete: there are a couple of rough places when the different shots don't quite line up yet (though none in these screen shots), and Matteo and Marco have yet to add any colour information to them. In other words, these are pure measurements: they represent the geometry of the cross to the part millimetre--we were measuring the width of some runes this morning just because we could. But they also allow us to see the cross in a completely new light. Because it is so difficult to see the cross from the North when you are on site, these screenshots are mostly taken from the North of the cross. In many cases, they imply viewing positions impossible in real life, even if you have a scaffold. Because these are screenshots, they do not capture the actual experience of working with the 3D models directly.  

The geometry of the Ruthwell Cross, North West corner (i.e. looking South East).


A straight-on rendition of the geometry of the Magdalene Panel (South side, looking North)


A bird's eye view of the cross, looking down. The North is to the bottom. This is what the cross would look like from several metres above the current roof of the apse.

"John the Baptist" panel (North side), seen from a slightly elevated position looking South West.

North side, looking South East from a point above the cross. This vantage point would be outside the wall of the current apse.

Scrollwork and runes, East side looking West and slightly South.

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