Ruthwell Cross Coordinate scheme

Hey all, vcialis 40mg this is the coordinate scheme that Sarah and I came up with, and what we have started using to tag entries. CrossFront Placeholder
A1- top
A2- Transom
A21i - Whale
A2ii - Triangle
A2iii - Dragon
A2- Archer - cross head, lower arm
A3- Visitation - Shaft 4
A4- Mary Magdalene - Shaft 3
A6- The Healing of the Blind- Shaft 2
A7- Annunciation - Shaft 1
A8- Crucifixion – Base
Placeholder east
B1 - top
B2- Animals -
B2i -Animals
B2ii- (Damaged segment)
B3 - (runes and animals)
B4 - (base/weathered rock)
      Placeholder North
C1- Top
 C2 - Transom
 C2i- Rooster
 C2ii- Sunburst
 C2iii- Lamb of God
C3- Four Evangelists - Cross-head, lower a
C4 - John the Baptist - Shaft 4
C5 - Christ - Shaft 3
C6 - Saints Paul and Anthony Breaking Bread – Shaft 2
C7-The Flight - Shaft 1
C8- Bottom - Base
  Placeholder West
D1 - Top
D2 - Animals
 D2i – Animals
 D2ii - Damaged Portion
D3 - Runes
D4 - Weathered Rock
      That is pretty much it. So far we have been labeling the crucifixion poem D3 and B3, and we are considering a [problematic] tag for entries we cannot find and perhaps some kind of placeholder tag (tentatively [UW]) for entries for which we are awaiting materials/works in progress. Edit: I also just thought, perhaps a [PDF] tag to indicate the ones that we have found PDFs for?

Abstract: Is there a text in this edition? On the implications of multiple media and immersive technology for the future of the “scholarly edition.”

By Daniel Paul O'Donnell, University of Lethbridge, James Graham, University of Lethbridge, Catherine Karkov, University of Leeds, Roberto Rosselli Del Turco, Università degli studi di Torino. To be read November 23, 2012 European Society for Textual Scholarship, Amsterdam. In the last decade, advances in technology have taken the edition out of the library. Where there were once relatively clear demarcations among textual scholars, archaeologists, musicians, sculptors, curators, architects, and popularists, these lines have been blurred as scholars of every stripe have been encouraged by technology to think more and more expansively about how they represent primary cultural material in scholarly form. "Editions" and other forms of scholarly mediations of cultural artifacts are becoming increasingly ambitious in their representation of the relevant context. Recent projects have attempted to present objects in the context of 3-D reconstructions of their physical environment (Virtual Morgantown Project) or even the sound environments in which they might have been performed or perceived (Wall). Read More

Project update: meshes complete; common repository established

A brief project update. Now that we are starting to get our data in usable shape, we hope to report more regularly here about what we are doing. Read More

Agenda: September 21, 2012 IM Meeting

Time: 0800 Mountain (1300 GMT) Location: Skype Instant Messaging (Dan will start the meeting) Read More

Linked data, open data: Towards a semantic web of Anglo-Saxon England

International Society of Anglo-Saxonists (ISAS), viagra 40mg July 29th-August 2, 2013, Dublin The Visionary Cross would like to propose a roundtable or three paper panel on linked and open data in Anglo-Saxon studies for ISAS 2013. The goal of this panel would be to assess the current state of practice in the development of linked and open datasets and to explore future directions. This topic should be of interest to textual editors, cultural heritage curators, art historians, researchers working on dictionaries and other reference works. If you would like to explore this topic contact, please contact Daniel O’Donnell ( as soon as possible to discuss approaches. Session and paper proposals are due at the ISAS programme committee by September 13.
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