Basic knowledge of referencing system in 3D environment

Hello everyone! My name is Yan Fan. I have joined the Visionary Cross Project to work as Mitacs Global Link Fellow, under the supervision of Daniel O’Donnell. I have been reading about 3DHOP and Unreal for sometime now. I am working on mapping a point from Unreal to 3DHOP or vice-versa.

The first thing we need to do is to have a good understanding of different types of coordinate system. There are several options in 3D Modeling tools but right now we just need to focus on three of them:

  • Local
  • World 
  • View

The local coordinate system is only used for a selected object. It uses an individual coordinate system specific to each object. And if we want to show the relative positions of several objects, then we need the world coordinate system, which is always fixed. For most of the time we just focus on part of the scene instead of the whole world, and that's why we have view coordinate system. It is a coordinate system with our eyes or camera as a origin and relatively fixed to our viewpoint.

Knowing which kind of coordinate system we are using will help us find the exact point of the model we want(using local coordinate system), instead of the surroundings(using world coordinate system). For more information about coordinate system, click here.

Since 3DHOP is a library based on WebGL, it also uses the right-handed referencing system. Unreal uses the left-handed referencing system, however, so we need to convert the coordinate of the point we are focusing on from left-handed referencing system to right-handed referencing system.  I found a article about the conversion  from left-handed coordinates to right-handed coordinates, including the points, translations, rotations, and even cameras and lights, which would help us a lot to map a point from the a specific angle and distance from Unreal to 3DHOP. Click here to see the article. That's all for this post. See you next time!

The Ruthwell Cross Runes like you’ve never seen them before

Some screenshots from the highest resolution scans of the cross, medications stomach showing the runes and the Archer panel...

New edition of the Visionary Cross Presenter released for beta testing

A new version of the Visionary Cross presenter is has just been released for beta testing. The presenter is an interface for navigating and presenting the Visionary Cross project's scans of the Ruthwell Cross. It is particularly intended for use by students, in the classroom, and by the general public. The presenter has panes for navigating the cross and displaying basic notes about the content (these notes are also linked to the cross, meaning that they can be used to navigate to the relevant area). An optional frame containing a guided tour of the cross can also be made available. The following screenshot shows the presenter in its "home" position: on the left is a 3D rendering of the cross with tools to allow zoom, lateral and horizontal movement and tilt, and toggle switches for artificial shadows and for turning on and off colour information about the object; on the right is the information panel containing background information on the content.


Picture 1 of 1

The following screen shot shows different views of the cross in the presenter pane.


Picture 1 of 1

  The project is in the process of arranging the presenter and its associated data to a server suitable for open beta testing. Once this move has been arranged (mid-Spring), we will commence open (no-password required) usability testing. A third iteration of the viewer, based on a new underlying technology (3D-Hop) is expected later this year. Results from this beta testing will inform the design decisions of this subsequent viewer.

Panel on Digital Cultural Heritage accepted at CSDH/SCHN – ACH Joint Conference

Panel on Digital Cultural Heritage (DigiCulthH - a GRAND subgroup) has been accepted at CSDH/SCHN -ACH joint conference to be held in Ottawa, 1 -3 June, 2015. The panel members include: Prof. Daniel O'Donnell, University of Lethbridge Prof. Brent Nelson, University of Saskatchewan Dr. Craig Harkema, University of Saskatchewan   Congratulations to all at VC and DigiCultH!!!    

Two Student Papers Accepted at Joint CSDH/SCHN & ACH Conference 2015

Visionary Cross has two paper acceptances at Joint CSDH/SCHN & ACH Conference 2015 to be held in Ottawa, 1-3 June 2015. These are: Disability: The Last Frontier for DH by  Kendra Rawluk and Carissa Alexander Developing Text-to-Speech for Religious Scripture: Shiri Guru Granth Sahib by Gurpreet Singh, Sandeep Kaur and Daniel O'Donnell Congratulations to all!!
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